Dane Michael Offutt


Dane Michael Offutt March 8, 1989—Oct. 10, 2018

Dane Offutt was born was born March 8, 1989 in Florida. He was raised in Texas alongside his younger sister. Although Dane’s time in Big Sky was sadly short lived, he was starting to build more than just a warm place to lay his head. Dane had discovered his knack for art and creativity, something he didn’t realize we would hold onto forever as a distant memory of the creative and unique soul that was Dane. His passion for the culinary arts reflected in his daily actions and perseverance. When everyone else seemed to panic, he was such a mellow and hard worker all he would say was “I got this.” He was enjoying a new life and a happy home, overcoming personal obstacles and life’s grandest challenges. His intelligence was reflected in any conversation you sparked with him, catching your attention with any information he could pass on. This adventure may have ended, but Dane has another grandiose adventure on the horizon.


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