Buecking’s pencil drawing of her friend’s dog, Cooper. PHOTO COURTESY OF MEGAN BUECKING

Realistic pet portraits

ACBS online drawing workshops

Some people make Christmas ornaments with their pets’ paw print. Some get pictures of their pets’ adorable face blown up on a t-shirt. Others sign up for a pencil drawing class taught by Megan Buecking with the Arts Council of Big Sky (ACBS) to make the homage even more personal.

“I do them, it’s not like something I do professionally, but I do these pet portraits. People ask for them all the time. I donate them a lot for fundraisers,” Buecking said. People love to have pictures of their pets, she continued with a laugh.

The pencil drawing class will be held via Zoom on Jan. 26 from 6-8:30 p.m. and those interested can sign up on ACBS’s website. Buecking recommended adults or older youth may be better suited skill-wise to the class and noted that any animal can be the muse of the drawing, not just a dog.

The Arts Council is asking participants provide $10 to take the class. Funds generated will go towards ACBS’s education program, which provides for classes, field trips, school projects, materials and things of that sort. The video will be saved for people to watch after the class if desired.

The pet pencil drawing will be within the realistic portrait realm of drawing. Buecking will teach attendees how to depict a ‘proportionally correct’ representation of their pet and how to get fur texture and shading dialed.

“I have a kind of sneaky method that makes it really easy,” Buecking said. Called a grid and transfer method, she said her high school students used to be surprised at how well they could draw using that technique. “It’s not cheating, but it’s kind of like cheating. It just makes it really easy to get the proportions right,” she said.

Another art activity that feels perfectly suited to Big Sky will take place Feb. 2. With the same format as the pet portraits, Buecking will instruct attendees on how to paint Lone Peak. “Luckily, painting Lone Peak is pretty easy because it’s a triangle,” she laughed, but assured she would teach participants more than just that.

The online art class format is easy for both Buecking, the Arts Council and those who sign up—you can do it from the comfort of your own home and a venue is not required. “If it is a hit, I might do more later,” Buecking said.

Details are being finalized for a small in-person class Feb. 13 and 14. Michelle Kristula-Green will be teaching a mosaic workshop. More information on this class can be found on ACBS’s website.

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