Upper Deer Creek River Access Improvement Plan

End of summer check in and Volunteer day

A cool, sunny September morning was the perfect time to check in with the Upper Deer Creek river Access improvement Plan. Mark Castañeda, Conservation Fellow with the gallatin river Task Force was at the site, hand watering each new plant. Construction on the project was started over a year ago. The impact of the restoration project is already apparent.

According to the gallatin river Task Force website, “The Upper Deer Creek restoration project is the second largescale restoration project to restore the ecological health of the river, sustain fisheries and water insect species diversity, and improve ease and safety of river access along the Upper gallatin Corridor. Project activities included enhancing riparian buffers, capturing run-off of fine-sediment from the parking area and from other pathways, improving the trail system, developing an accessible fishing access point, which is lacking along the entire Upper gallatin corridor and installing interpretive signage to educate the publica about the importance of healthy riparian areas and how individuals can minimize their impact on riparian areas.”

“it’s going really well out here, we’ve been very intentional about watering,” he said. Castañeda went on to say that even with the hot, dry summer the plants have had an excellent survival rate. The water is pumped directly from the nearby gallatin river.

“When you plant native plants, after two or three years, they are drought tolerant. . . but they do need watered the first few years,” said Castañeda.

Gallatin river Task Force is gearing up for another volunteer day on September 24th. There will be a reseeding of some barren areas, mostly areas that were highly compacted from tire traffic, according to Castañeda followed by donor recognition and a ribbon Cutting.

12 p.m.-3 p.m. Reseed barren areas

3 p.m. – 5 p.m. Donor Recognition/ Ribbon Cutting

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