While he visits Big Sky as often as he can, House is still in awe of all the changes in his hometown lately, including the new shops along Town Center Avenue, seen here.


From Big Sky to Silicon Valley to D.C.: Trevor House soaks it all in at Stanford

The last time the Lookout caught up with Trevor House he was 16 years old, one of the first students at Lone Peak High School, and just back from Cambodia where he had participated in an American Youth Leadership program. Four years later, he’s majoring in economics with a minor in computer science at Stanford University.

House was home for the holidays and eked out a little time to chat with the Lookout between working at his father Dave House’s restaurant—the Corral—and catching up with his mom, Big Sky School District Librarian Kathy House.

Around four percent of applicants are accepted to Stanford. So, is studying there as difficult as one might imagine? House offered a resounding “Yes!” to that inquiry. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s also very rewarding,” he said. “You take a lot of really cool classes, and you meet a lot of really cool

One course that came to mind was Intro to Computer Sciences, taught by Mehran Sehami, who before joining Stanford was the senior research scientist at Google, and now focuses his work on things like creating more effective spam mail filters. Another was Sleep and Dreams, taught for more than 40 years by 89-year-old Dr. William Dement, a leading authority on the topic and
the scientist who discovered REM sleep. 

“Honestly, it goes on and on, the course book is hundreds of pages long, you couldn’t possibly take every class you’re interested in, which is a cool problem to have, right?” said House.

It took a year or two for House to adapt to the culture shift from a ski town to Silicon Valley’s start-up lifestyle. “It was definitely an adjustment,” he said. “But that’s a good thing. I was looking for something totally different. I wanted to get away from the little bubble we have here, and kind of into another bubble there. But it’s been good.”

As for the people, House said he’s made many friends through various clubs, golf and his fraternity, Sigma Nu. His girlfriend grew up in England, and his friends hail from all around the U.S. and the world—from Minnesota to Jordan to Dubai.

“A big thing for me has been interacting with so many people from so many walks of life,” he said. “I think, honestly, that’s where the most of my learning has come from—talking to people with totally different stories than myself. It’s been incredible.”  

What surprised House, who is a triplet by the way, was how unique his own background is to others. Turns out, most people don’t come from a ski town and many from outside the U.S. have never heard of Montana—and they usually do not have two identical brothers. “I forget to tell people I’m a triplet,” he said with a laugh.

Griffin House is studying at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, currently taking a semester off in Big Sky, working with the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and playing piano. Quinn House is working toward a business degree at Gonzaga University.

Trevor is spending this semester in Washington, D.C. working in Sen. John Tester’s office as part of a mini-campus program until the end of March.

With the “bomb cyclone” looming, House made it to D.C. without a hitch, albeit a bumpy ride. 

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