Mistretta flips through the panel display inside the Historic Crail Ranch Museum. She conducted the research for the displays herself and was assisted by an outside contractor, Glenniss Indreland, who helped design the displays. PHOTO BY KEELY LARSON

First women to…remember

This month, a little pop-up under the Google search bar included a link to a video commemorating Women’s History Month. Its caption stated that in the past year the phrase ‘the first woman’ was searched more than ever before. The video went on to highlight some feminine firsts, ranging from coronavirus vaccination research to scaling peaks.

Taylor Cummings started running marathons a few years ago and has now run the Boston Marathon twice. PHOTO COURTESY OF TAYLOR CUMMINGS

Back in the game

Lone Peak High School Big Horns Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Taylor Cummings reflects on her life and realizes how much basketball has shaped her. From nearly the time she was old enough to walk, the game has always been there.

Dillavou has worked in New York City restaurants Charlie Bird, Marea and Maysville, and opened a restaurant with friends in New Orleans before switching to Family Meal in 2020. PHOTO COURTESY OF PHILLIP DILLAVOU

Challenge accepted

Working in a restaurant at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic must have been wild.

With so much uncertainty and awaiting decisions that likely left a person without a job, the stress levels are incomprehensible. Having a baby around the same time would have been wild times a million.

Beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, a bucket with an innertube inflated around it for the hat are just a few examples of the group’s creativity. PHOTO BY JANA BOUNDS

Covid man

An imposing figure is tucked in a corner of Ramshorn View Estates – standing a full 10 feet tall with beer bottle buttons, an airplane bottle smile, and a corncob pipe made out of a Beehive Brewery crowler can. The colossal Covid Man raises his Willie’s Distillery bottle to the sky with his ski arm.

Creating her piece my body my choice took Flach a couple of class periods over a twoweek time frame. PHOTO COURTESY OF KATE RILEY

Discovery students receive national recognition for artwork

Two Discovery Academy students, Libby Flach and Alex Rager, were recognized for their artwork submissions to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for teenagers, and have recognized creatives like Andy Warhol and Stephen King.

Seth Griggs-Ryan beside Chaplain Raymond Young at his Dec. 3 graduation from treatment in Las Vegas. PHOTO COURTESY OF SETH GRIGGS-RYAN

Community of Seth

Seth Griggs-Ryan was the first Not So Average Joe, partly thanks to his kind disposition and wry humor and partly because of his quirky pursuit to be the human billboard of Big Sky – he negotiated free food and drinks from area establishments by getting their logos tattooed on his arms.


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