Bozeman Health Big Sky vaccination effort going strong

2,842 COVID-19 vaccination doses administered

Bozeman Health Big Sky COVID-19 vaccination clinics have been streamlined similar to flu shot clinics – expediting service while maintaining social distancing. At the most recent clinic in Big Sky, participants were given the Pfizer shot shortly after checking in, a nurse explained potential side effects, and people set timers on their phones for 15 minutes so they could be onsite in the event of an immediate adverse reaction.

“This was really the brainchild of Kelly Reynolds, nurse manager; Maria Joosse, nurse supervisor; Mara Caball, office supervisor; and the entire Big Sky Medical Center leadership team,” said Lauren Brendel system director of Bozeman Health Marketing and Communications. “This team thoroughly enjoys serving the Big Sky community and are acutely aware of the unique elements that make Big Sky special, and have worked hard to accommodate the needs of our community.”

Thus far, 1,558 first doses and 1,284 second doses have been administered in Big Sky.

“I just want to say thanks to the Big Sky Medical Center for helping our 16-year-olds and above with their vaccinations,” Big Sky School District Secondary School Principal Dr. Marlo Mitchem said during a board of trustees meeting.

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