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Gallatin City-County Health Department releases detailed report every Friday

The Gallatin City-County Health Department (GCCHD) recently moved to weekly COVID–19 reporting. “By sharing additional metrics and epidemiological data, we hope to help schools, government agencies, healthcare providers, businesses, and the community navigate a path forward that is informed by the best information available related to our local situation,” GCCHD Health Officer Matt Kelley said.

The weekly surveillance report will be released every Friday. In future weeks, shared information will include cases reported in K-12 schools and Montana State University (MSU). As of Friday, August 28, no cases were reported that were associated with K-12 schools and as of August 26, 31 cases were linked to MSU from the start of the current academic semester. Nine of those cases remained active while the others were recovered and no longer contagious.

Information in the report will include data like a daily and 7-day rolling average of COVID–19 cases per 100,000 residents; daily and 7-day rolling average of percent positive of COVID–19 tests, with 5% or below being optimal and above 10% possibly indicating “higher levels of disease in the community that is not being detected by current testing levels”; median time between specimen collection and results – 48 hours or less provides the best chance for contact tracing and to limit disease spread; time from testing report to contact investigation – the goal is to begin contact investigations within 24 hours from when the case is reported; symptom onset dates of Gallatin COVID-19 cases; cumulative COVID-19 cases by age group.

As of Friday, Aug. 28, Gallatin County had 42 active cases and no active hospitalizations. 1,029 people recovered in the county and three people have died from COVID-19 complications.

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