I’ll have the Clubber, please! Anyone who’s been to the Wrap Shack (2815 Aspen Leaf Drive) in recent years will recognize the gal behind the counter, Kimi Hueftle. As of April 1, she’s the new owner of the restaurant known for its giant burritos, tacos and frozen margaritas.

The burrito torch has been passed

Wrap Shack purchased by long-time employee Kimi Hueftle

In the more than a decade since she started at the Wrap Shack, Kimi Hueftle has rolled more burritos than she could ever count. But all that “rolling them fat” has paid off—as of April 1, Hueftle is the new owner of the establishment that’s been serving Big Sky since 2004.

      Hueftle takes the reins from Karen Macklin (K Mac) and Don Mattusch, who bought the business in 2011. They plan to help Hueftle as she settles in as owner over the next few weeks, and Kimi is confident, with the years of experience under her apron, the transition should be smooth. She plans to keep things running “business as usual” through the ski season, open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

        Come off season, she’ll shorten operations, taking the slow time to brainstorm new plans for the restaurant. Not-yet-official ideas she’s throwing around include expanding breakfast offerings, adding new wraps to the menu and experimenting with different flavors of frozen adult beverages.

     The Shack, with its best-selling Clubber wrap (chicken, bacon and guacamole), had been for sale since the fall of 2017. Hueftle said she didn’t jump on purchasing the small, tropical-themed restaurant at first, but then the owners let her know that if she wanted it, she’d be their first pick as a successor. 

     So when she realized she could make the leap and become owner of the Wrap Shack, Hueftle dove right in. 

     “I’ve worked here for so long, with K Mac and Don, and even the previous owners, it’s always been like a small family,” Hueftle said. “It’s a really fun place to work, with a really cool vibe, and it already kind of felt like it’s been mine.” 

     The Wrap Shack was closed April 1-3, but reopened with Hueftle at the helm April 4. Check out www.werollemfat.com for more information and view the menu, which features wraps, salads, tacos, nachos, daily homemade soup specials and more. 

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