A Dark Fourth

Final Decisions made by counties

The past few weeks have held uncertainty regarding the legality of using fireworks, but both counties making up Big Sky concluded on Wednesday, June 30, to ban all fireworks. Big Sky is broken up into many different associations, each with its own rules about fires and fireworks, making it difficult to understand what regulations relate to where. 

Both Madison and Gallatin County had meetings today voting on the banning of fireworks. The Madison County Board of Commissioners sent a notice to groups in the county, saying, “a Burn ban, and Fireworks Ban is in effect for all private lands in Madison County.” The rest of their statement discussed what is and is not allowed regarding fires; however, all uses of fireworks are not allowed. 

Later in the day, Gallatin County had its meeting and came to the same decision as Madison County had earlier in the day, banning the use of all fireworks. The county sent out an emergency ordinance to its residents. As stated by the Gallatin County Board of County Commissioners, the official rule is, “Effective immediately, all open burning, recreational fires, and the use of fireworks are prohibited in the Big Sky High Fire Hazard Area and the West. Yellowstone High Fire Hazard Area.” With both counties banning all use of fireworks, there are now no fireworks allowed anywhere in Big Sky.

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