Pick your poison—egg nog cake, chocolate tartes or cupcakes laced with bourbon frosting.

Spirited sweets and cocktail treats

Luxe opens shop in Big Sky

Upon entering Luxe, Town Center’s newest culinary addition, one is instantly transported to another time—one where classic over-the-top décor blends with the feel of a cocktail bar and the smells of a French-style patisserie. 

Luxe opened its doors during the Big Sky Christmas Stroll, and co-owner Keith Robins said the initial community response has been overwhelmingly positive. “Everyone loves it,” he said as he chiseled away at a crystal-clear ice block. “They’ve said they’ve had the best drinks they’ve ever had, and that they love the atmosphere.”

Noting that most of their cocktails are in the $10 to $12 range, Robins said he and his business partner Lauryn Mathis are trying to strike a balance between fancy and not-too-expensive.

Big Sky resident Anna Mckay would attest to that. Robins joked when Mckay came through the doors, saying that she’s his first regular, to which Mckay smiled and ordered a hot toddy, “but not too sweet.”

“Big Sky really needed something like this,” Mckay said. “A place where you could go after dinner to get a well-made drink—somewhere with a nice atmosphere where you could get something other than a PBR.”

Mckay said she became addicted to Luxe’s desserts while working weddings at Moonlight Basin. “The s’more macaroons are the best,” she said.

Kids are also welcome at Luxe—They offer non-alcohol infused treats as well, and even have a vanilla-laced milk on tap that goes great with the pastries. Mckay’s young friend Bryn Welty was also at home at Luxe, ordering up a chocolate cupcake and a tall glass of milk to wash it down. “It’s delicious,” she said.

Luxe customers will find baked goods that vary daily, from macaroons to chocolate tartes, mousses, cupcakes and the like. Many treats have an alcohol-infused twist, with spirits like bourbon, tequila and even Fireball added into the mix. And, you can wash those down with anything from on-tap prosecco to a pint of beer, a glass of wine, or a craft cocktail.

Robins said their most popular treat is the Southern Gentleman—a brown sugar cupcake topped with Jim Beam buttercream and sprinkled with candied, peppered bacon bits.

Robins brings his bartending background to the table while his business partner Mathis contributes her baking experience. The pair began Luxe in Bozeman, selling their “spirited sweets” at farmers markets and weddings around the area. They eventually upgraded their original tricycle and pull-behind carriage to a 1965 Divco milk truck. But the pair’s ultimate goal was to sell their boozy creations in an established shop, creating
a full dessert and cocktail dining experience.

“It’s the experience people want,” Robins said. He noted that, due to the exorbitant cost of obtaining a liquor license in Bozeman, that Big Sky was the perfect fit for Luxe to open up shop. Since Gallatin County liquor licenses outside of city limits are a fraction of the cost of those in incorporated areas, Robins said he and Mathis could take those funds and put them into the design and infrastructure of their shop.

“We wanted to bring an art-deco feel, bringing back the Roaring ’20s if you will,” said Robins. “Many drinks on the menu are from the pre-prohibition, prohibition era—classics done right. If you like a bee’s knees, this will be the best one you’ve ever had. Or, at least that’s what people keep telling us.”

Luxe is open Tues.–Sat. from 4 p.m. to close.


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