You may of heard of the “Gallatin green,” but this is getting out of hand. Scientists and fishing guides agree, this year’s algae bloom on the Gallatin River is more extensive than they’ve ever seen, and studies are underway to find out why.

A different kind of Gallatin green

If you’re into fishing, you’ve probably heard of the phrase “Gallatin green,” which refers to the hue of the river’s water. It can indicate excellent fishing conditions since the flow is murky enough to confuse discriminating trout, yet clear enough they can at least see the bait floating in front of them. 


Upper Madison: We are at the point in the season where consistent insect hatches can be hard to come by on the river. That being said, the terrestrial fishing has been very good most days and relatively consistent throughout the day. Hoppers, ants and beetles all have been working well.

Time to make some noise

This comes to you at the urging of the Montana Newspaper Association and the Boston Globe—which has asked every newspaper in the country to publish an editorial on or near Aug. 14, defending the newspaper industry and educating the public about the critical role journalism plays in our democratic society.

Classic rock perch: The Eagle soars from here.

Lacking local radio?

As chief engineer for Yellowstone Public Radio, Jim Nichols is responsible for overcoming any technical challenges blocking Big Sky listeners from their favorite NPR programs, like the “Weekend Edition” news show broadcast until recently at 95.9 FM. 

Thunderstorm at sunset, looking from Swan Lake Flat in Yellowstone National Park at a lightning strike on Electric Peak.       Ron Holle, with the Vaisala Network Operations Center in Tucson, Ariz. reminds lightning watchers not to say “bolt.”       “Don’t use that word,” said Holle. “It doesn’t exist. It’s a flash or a stroke."

Don't say bolt

The famed geographer Henry Gannett was about 50 feet from the top of an unexplored summit not far from Big Sky on a stormy July day when he felt an electrical current pass through his body.


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