Doe antelope and fawn: In the morning light this antelope doe appeared near the north gate of Yellowstone with her prancing fawn and its beautiful mane.

Don’t want to be the next victim?

Over the last couple weeks, three people have been injured in Yellowstone by wild animals. On Sunday, June 3 and again on Tuesday, June 5 people were injured in the Mammoth area by cow elk protecting their calves. Then on Wednesday, June 6, a bison gored a woman near the Fountain Paint Pots in the Lower Geyser Basin.

Rotarians Lee Griffiths, Jim Anderson and Sam Lightbody install the support for a new bouncy frog at the Community Park playground.

All work for more play

The playground at the Big Sky Community Park was showing its age. But the Big Sky Community Organization, which has plenty on its plate, did not have any immediate plans to spiff up things. Seeing the need to keep the playground in working order, the Big Sky Rotary Club stepped in to lend a hand.

The corner property

Corner property changes hands

It’s Big Sky’s doorstep and current home to the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce and destination marketing organization Visit Big Sky. In April, the Dolan family sold it to Michael Schreiner and his partners, organized under a pair of LLCs— Winchester Holdings and Western Mountain Investments. 

The community housing conversation is called to order

First, there’s the remarkable cross section of Big Sky locals who stepped up and bought into the notion that, “It takes a community to build a community.” There are 21 names listed in the acknowledgements section of the recently released “Big Sky Community Housing Action Plan” and those folks are stand ins for the more than 1,000 people who pour

Big Sky Resort President Taylor Middleton welcomes public for tour of the newly renovated Golden Eagle Lodge.

The Eagle has landed

Back in December, Big Sky Resort’s Brian Wheeler pointed to renovations going on at the Golden Eagle Lodge and explained their significance like this: “That’s the foundation of community housing. If you don’t have adequate seasonal workforce housing, you will disrupt the community housing year-round.”

Black bear looking from the green grass: In 2008, the author found this black bear along the Tower Road peeking over the green grass after an evening thunder shower. With a long lens and steady tripod, he was able to capture this image in extremely low light.

Snapping at your own pace

Bugs, bugs, bugs. With the abundant rain and the improving temperatures, the bugs are starting to appear in earnest, mostly mosquitos and horse flies, so be prepared if you venture into the park. These pesky creatures will be with us for the duration of the summer until the first frost of early fall.


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