Not So Average Joe

Seth Griggs-Ryan beside Chaplain Raymond Young at his Dec. 3 graduation from treatment in Las Vegas. PHOTO COURTESY OF SETH GRIGGS-RYAN

Community of Seth

Seth Griggs-Ryan was the first Not So Average Joe, partly thanks to his kind disposition and wry humor and partly because of his quirky pursuit to be the human billboard of Big Sky – he negotiated free food and drinks from area establishments by getting their logos tattooed on his arms.

Sean Doherty competing in the longest one day race in the world in the single speed division. The race is 25 hours long and happens in Utah during the time change. PHOTO COURTESY SEAN DOHERTY

Surviving the city

Sean Doherty says that if he had not run away from the city he would be “a very different, miserable person.”

New York City was fun for him in his mid-20s, but it would not have been sustainable. It may have taken years or decades for him to realize that he just did not quite fit. He was in the wrong environment.

Brian Wheeler expresses deep appreciation for his family and the people he has met along his life path. He has made a lot of good things happen in the community – things that would not have been possible without the help of others. Miranda, Abram, Dan, Mary and Brian Wheeler attend a wedding at Big Sky Chapel. PHOTO BY MARY WHEELER

Community abides

Brian Wheeler is an idea man, a list-guy and also a person of details and action. He has no qualms about offering his opinion or being the outlying vote in the boards on which he serves. Former Big Sky County Water and Sewer district president Paul “Packy” Cronin describes him as the real McCoy – as genuine as a person can be.

Ken Morton felled 120 foot tall standing dead trees out from between cabins at Lone Mountain Ranch – they now compose the walls of his home. “We used a tow truck with cables to favor it to go in between the cabins and had to make the cut in the morning. Some of those are three feet in diameter – they’re huge and they’d cut a cabin right in half. They wouldn’t allow us to bring a bulldozer and to skid them out, so we had to winch them out with a tow truck,” he said. Some were upwards of 500 years old – he co

Renaissance man of Big Sky

Not many people can claim they once landed a plane on Highway 191, took out some power lines and narrowly dodged an r.v. – but Ken Morton can. He only slightly missed longtime local Woody the Woodlord before coming to a halt across the road from the 320 Ranch.

Paul “Packy” Cronin enjoys riding his mountain bike in the Lionshead area and is passionate about mountain bike access to public lands. PHOTO COURTESY PACKY CRONIN

Finding the time to ride

Paul “Packy” Cronin, likely the longest tenured member of any board in Big Sky history recently steppeddown as Big Sky County Water and Sewer district board president. After 19 years serving on the board and 20 years of living in Big Sky, he’s been no stranger to controversy.

Photo by Jana Bounds

Welcome to the family

Good natured ribbing and good food – these function as a part of the foundation of any solid fire department. That kind of camaraderie coupled with integrity and professionalism is necessary when the firefighters respond to emergencies and need to function as a team. The sporadic intensity of the job demands a strong brotherhood, a family.

Photo courtesy of VITO VALENTINETTI

Locked down in Spain

Quick click connections come as second nature to Vito Valentinetti. Conversation from his apartment in Spain is sprinkled with humor and self-deprecating jokes. He regularly travels throughout Europe, but says he is terrible at most languages – enough to get by. He claims that Scandinavians speak english better than he does.


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