The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I am utterly confused about training for health and fitness. I was a three-sport athlete throughout high school, and did plenty of programs designed by coaches. Now I am 35, a wife and mother of two kids under 5, with an entirely different schedule and set of responsibilities.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I have totally fallen off the wagon since COVID hit, 14 LONG months ago. I am in a management position, working remotely, with ESTPST time zone meetings. The job is challenging in a good way, but it comes with a weird blend of isolation and interruptions. My workout schedule has gone to pot.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I am flat-out scheduled to the max right now. No, I am not whining, but I am concerned that my fitness is taking a dive. I’m a working wife and a mother of two, and new to this kids-sports-schedule thing.

It was the perfect sunny day for a track meet Friday with Ophir Middle School Track competing in Livingston. The strong headwind hitting the athletes as they rounded the turn for the last 100 meters added to the challenge of the day. PHOTOS COURTESY KURTIS KOENIG

Track & field update

Lone Peak High School and Ophir Middle School Track and Field is starting to pick up with a few meets every week for a while. The young team, composed of mostly freshmen and sophomores missed out on track last year due to COVID-19.

In spite of challenges

Lone Peak High School (LPHS) spring sports have proven challenging thus far, according to LPHS Athletic Director John Hannahs. Less than ideal weather did not help, nor did Spring Break running right down the middle of an incredibly active week in the season. Also, Covid-19 has continued to plague planning.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! I was just invited to join the local softball rec league with a bunch of my friends. I played hockey and baseball throughout high school, and club hockey and rec soccer in college. Since then, I’ve kept gym-fit, lifting, running, and stretching at least 3X/ week.

The Training Corner

Q: Hi Pat! When does the pursuit of good health become an obsession? Ok, I get it. I need to take care of myself. But tracking every breath I take, every morsel I eat, every step I take, and every minute of quality zzzz’s is not for me.


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