Return to sender: Jackson Wade issuing another denial, this time on Shields Valley star Sage McMinn. Wade would rack up four blocks in the win.Important rematch alert for Saturday, Feb. 3. The Horns, at 8-5,  have a chance to avenge their loss from the first meeting with Twin Bridges, when Kolya Bough’s (pictured) offensive drives weren’t enough.

Block by block

Jackson Wade builds win over Rebels one stuff at a time

Whenever the Lone Peak Big Horns see an opportunity to exploit a size and height advantage, they take it. Time after time, as the Shields Valley Rebels tried to shoot down low, they were met with a powerful swat from center Jackson Wade. 

Wade went on to achieve another double-double with 21 points and 13 rebounds.

He rubber stamped “Denied!” on several Rebel shots, logging four blocks on the stat sheet and inspiring his teammates to join him in a stellar defensive effort.

Cole March and Kolya Bough also smothered opponents with aggressive D and the Horns cruised to a solid win over an improved Shields Valley team.

“That’s a district game so that counts against our district record, which is big for us, with districts kind of around the corner,” said Assistant Coach John Hannahs. 

“We challenged them at half-time to win the third and four quarter,” said Head Coach Austin Barth. “That’s something we’ve challenged them to be—
a second half team. Probably the best conditioned team out there and we’re going to take pride in that. It just shows up in the third and fourth quarter.”

Barth and Hannahs praised the Shields Valley coaches, commenting on the hot-handed Rebel sophomore Sage McMinn—who sank
20 against LPHS.

“That kid, he’s a great player,” said Barth of McMinn. “He’ll be fun to watch grow.”

The next night against Gardiner, it was immediately clear that height among high school players in Gardiner continues to grow at an altitude shadowing most of the Lone Peak team. Add to this sharpshooting and quickness and the Big Horns again, happily keep Gardiner under 100 points, losing 50-90.


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