LPHS volleyball mega fans with a herding instinct: (B) Isaac Gilmore, (I) Ryker Potter, (G) Milosz Shipman, (H) Cole March, (O) Nick Brester, (R) Mikey Botha, (N) Jack Lovely, (S) Frankie Starz and (!)  Kegan Babick.

Gathering “Herd”

Lone Peak bleachers now habitat for new species of fan

At the start of the season, Lone Peak High School’s volleyball coaches called on students and community supporters to show up and cheer loudly in the newly refurbished Big Horn gym.

Then, on Sept. 20 during a home match against rival Manhattan Christian, that’s exactly what happened—the gym erupted in roaring cheers, earning the fans high praise from Head Coach Missy Botha. 

“The crowd fueled our fire on the court,” gushed Coach Botha, marveling at how the fanbase has morphed into a lively collection of bleacher creatures. “I’m so happy there’s a new dawn in Big Sky. And they’re called ‘The Herd.’ The spirit squad of Big Sky, and this is a group that’s going to endure from class to class.”

The Herd, it turns out, is a gaggle of loud and proud Big Horn fans. Some of them showed up shirtless on Sept. 20. On their chests were letters reading, “BIGHORNS!”

“They cheered for us in every single point. And the girls were thrilled to have that kind of support,” continued Coach Botha. “Finally, our kids have discovered team spirit and they are taking it to a whole other level.”

As for the home showdown with the Manhattan Christian Eagles: “We won the first set and the girls came out, played the best they have ever played. But their team, eventually, Manhattan Christian warmed up and started really hitting. They’ve got some height on that side of the net. They started really hitting away.”

The Eagles flapped back into control over the next three sets, snatching away the win from Lone Peak, but not without getting an earful from the boisterous Herd. 

On Sept. 29, LPHS will again face Manhattan Christian, this time during an invitational tournament on their home court in Churchill. 

“They run a good tournament,” said Coach Botha. “They have great facilities. We want to get another crack at them. Because man, we were close. We had them.”



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