Members of the Lone Peak High track team take a break from competition during the first meet of the season in Butte on April 14. Many of the athletes were away for the beginning of spring break. With good weather in the forecast, the team will be out in full-force for an upcoming meet in Bozeman.

Track and field looks forward to using a track

Looking out at the snow-covered field, a track somewhere beneath, Lone Peak High School Track Coach Dave Brekke shook his head. 

     “This time last year, we were rolling around, warming up on the grass,” he said.

     His team of 10 boys and 10 girls hasn’t had much chance to practice outside. On Monday, April 23, the sun made an appearance, and while it was hovering around 40 degrees—with fresh snow—the team headed outside to tackle long distance and relay.

     So far this season, three meets have been cancelled due to snow—in Bozeman, Belgrade and Columbus. Eight members of the team did compete in Butte on April 14. There, Brooke Botha had a personal best in javelin and shot put.

     Brekke is confident the upcoming April 28 meet in Bozeman—put on by Manhattan Christian—will be a go. 

     “The weather is looking good the rest of the week,” he said, smiling.

     Cancelled meets can create a challenge for the young athletes, said Brekke. 

     “Now they don’t have the experience those meets would have given them,” continued the coach. “But, there are only a couple of teams that have had two meets, because everyone has had them cancelled. They (the other teams) have been running outside, around a track, and that helps.”

     Lone Peak track and fielders haven’t had many track-running opportunities. 

     “They don’t know what they’re missing, because they’re so young, and they don’t know what it’s like. So this is all they know,” Brekke said. “But they are missing a lot because they can’t just get outside.”

     The team did practice in the parking lot before its recent spring break, and spirits were high on Monday, April 23 as they braved the chill to get some cardio and relay experience. 

     “But Wednesday, I think it’ll be dry enough Wednesday,” Coach Brekke said looking back at the field, imagining what it looks like in shades of brown and green instead of white.


Three new school records set at Butte meet




Mikey Botha 

100m: 14.34 seconds

400m: 64.42 seconds


Dolan Cain     

Long jump:  13’ 8.5”

Triple jump:  30’ 4.25”


Maddie Strauss 

300m hurdles: 58.178 seconds

Long jump: 12’ 7.5”

Triple jump: 26’.25”


Ivy Hicks          

400m: 72 seconds (new school record)

800m: 2:56.53 

1600m: 6:25.98




Cody Clack         

800m: 2:47

1600m: 5:46

3200m: 13:42


Milosz Shipman                      

100m: 13.97

 Shot put: 31” 2’


Madi Rager                             

800m: 2:55.12

1600m: 6:39.21

300m hurdles: 60 seconds


Brooke Botha                         

Shot put: 29” 6’ (new school record)

Discuss:  84” 7’

Javelin: 93” 2’

Long jump: 13” 3.5’

Triple jump: 27” 3.5 (new school record)


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