Big Horns Varsity Right guard Kole Maus dominates on the field against the Park City Panthers. PHOTO COURTESY KIM HOLST

Young but tough team

Big Horns football players show grit

With just a few seconds left on the clock as the Big Horns faced the Park City Panthers, Big Horns varsity quarterback Isiah Holst fired a Hail Mary rocket. That pass was tipped off the fingertips of three different players before settling into Pierce Farr’s grasp for a touchdown.

The following two point conversion shift play was a surprise to even Coach Adam Farr when the team changed things around in the huddle.

Right guard Kole Maus, who is one of the biggest players in the state, is a hoss towering at 6’6” and weighing in at over 400 pounds. As part of a trick play, he went out for a pass and landed it for the conversion.

It was an exciting and fun end to a game that had a rough start. Two early interceptions placed the Big Horns in a hole from which they could not surface, but Coach Farr is proud of their tenacity and the phenomenal plays later in the game.

Among those, Julek Shipman landed the Big Horns’ first special team touchdown for the year with an outstanding kick return in the third quarter. The second quarter saw another long touchdown pass from Holst to Farr.

“We got in a hole early. I was really proud of how we reacted to that situation because we ended up finishing the game quite strongly – we ended up finishing 30-52,” Coach Farr said.

The Big Horns are an incredibly young team this year, with only one senior and four juniors.

“We are starting several freshmen – not a typical thing, but that’s where we’re at,” he said.

Again the Big Horns are facing the big teams – big in stature and big in numbers. Currently with a record of 0 and 3, Coach Farr said this last game could have been theirs if not for the first quarter.

“I’m proud of the resolve they showed. Without that rough start the outcome could have definitely been different. I wish we had the chance to play Park City again this year,” he said.

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